Exploding out of the weather-battered North West of England, come the mighty Seven More Days! Propagating their own unique take on the classic rock blueprint and paying their dues in deference to the ancient rock Gods. Comprising vocalist Daz Valentine, guitarist Chris Porter , drummer Baz Lowe and bassist Eddie White, this streamlined rocking machine received a tsunami of plaudits and praise upon the release of their 2018 debut album ‘Little Dark Pleasures’ and now, after many months of tireless slog, are gearing up to take on all-comers , driven forward by an intense focus and confidence.

“we just wanted to write a classic sounding Rock album with emphasis on good songs.,” explains Chris Porter. “I think there is something for everyone, but we have to have melody along with drive and thump! Ultimately, we don’t follow the in crowd, we do what feels right.”

In stark contrast to a great number of British bands, Seven More Days exhibit an exhilarating refusal to compromise and a fearless dedication to their art, specialising in wildly entertaining but remorselessly intense live shows that have garnered positive reactions across the rock and metal media.

“We used Pete Waterman’s (yes, that Peter Waterman) PWL Studios in Cheshire to record our songs as well as Lisa Stansfield’s Gracielands studio’s”, explains Daz Valentine, “ and we used a BBC Philharmonic Orchestra quartet to record the strings on the album, Pete twisted a knob occasionally, came in with a critical ear, and offered a few words of wisdom then ended up becoming executive producer. Everyone knows Pete Waterman’s reputation as a master of Pop music, but don’t be fooled, this guy knows music full stop!”

Seven More Days current plans involve the continued promotion of their debut album which showcases a newly revitalised classic rock sound, with the songs and artwork delving into the ethereal and mythological side of things, which are familiar themes for rock, of course, but Seven More Days ferocious intelligence and unstoppable passion will ensure that their new songs will be anything but predictable.

“We want you to buy the album and enjoy it. Make it your own “Little Dark Pleasure” states Daz, “Playing live is one of our biggest strengths. We will continue to promote the album and get it out there to as many people as we possibly can.” Says Chris, “We want you to enjoy our brand of Classic Rock. Enjoy the light, shade and melody of Seven More Days!”


Eddie White – Bass

Daz Valentine – Vocals

Chris Porter – Guitar

Baz Lowe – drums